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03.2020 souluos New Album
Let the games begin – Souluos – 24 shortcuts
Can be used as kind of an longtime running advent calendar. Published for your amusement in loose order until Christmas on All done by me & myself
here's the first piece:
so sa(i)d
recorded with my acoustic guitar & my voice. pictures are taken from the cover of our first album "lunchtime atop a skyscraper", bloodmoon - lunar eclipse and kjosfossen waterfall - flambahn, norway.
so sa(i)d

07.2014 Krimh "Krimhera" Recordings
Did some recordings for Krimhs second album "Krimhera"
Enjoy a preview and maybe support this young artist on Indiegogo

04.2014 Krimh "Your inner self" Sax & Tech Death Metal
Some saxy overpaintings on Krimh' s "Your inner self" from the album "Explore".
Enjoy listening!
Copyright by permission:
Music: Kerim "Krimh" Lechner & Peter Thomann
Video Diving Sequences: Roland Raser
Photo Portraits by Jimmy Nelson & National Geographic.
Now on Youtube

04.06.2013 19:00 Galerie Kandinsky, 1070 Wienthe monochrometone duo and ta-an
the monochrometone play: Im Lichtschatten
Vernissage "Im Lichtschatten" - Christa Veith & Maria Hallwirth
Cafe & Galerie Kandinsky, Lerchenfelderstraße 13, 1070 Wien
Anita Lechner - Performance Ina Thomann - Akkordeon
Peter Thomann - Sax
play and dance the opening of this exhibition with the brand new song:
" Schönen Tag noch (und ein schönes Wochenende)"

11.04.2013 19:30 Kindberg, Galerie "K"the monochrometone duo and ta-an
Ina Thomann – akk / Peter Thomann – sax & Anita Lechner - dance

GALERIE "K" Kindberg, Kirchplatz 3
Vernissage Jakob Hiller - Eigenwillig Gegensätzlich Offensiv

29.03.2013 20:00 Vienna, Cenariothe monochrometone trio & profundkontra
(Petra Thomann – voc / Ina Thomann – akk / Peter Thomann – sax) & (Martina Engel – viola / Emmerich Haimer – contraguitar)

CENARIO 1010 Vienna, Tiefer Graben 22

08.01.2013 21.00 Vienna, ShelterPilots - Gravity, Oh
CD Release Show by the marvelous Indieband with a special Guest Performance on Saxophone.
Pilots are here

18.08.2012 14:00 Puchberg3. Kunststraße Puchberg
2 day' s festival for music, performing arts, street artists and fine arts,... Detailed information at: Das Andere Combinat.

01.06.2012 19:45 Nostalgiekino Wimpassing st. andart
Famous Music Played by Unfamous Musicians
Pearls of music history beginning with Billie Holiday' s „God Bless The Child“ (1939), Herbie Hancock' s „Cantaloupe Island“ (1964), Led Zeppelin' s legendary song „Whole Lotta Love“ (1969) up to John Zorn' s „Naked City (1990) and Radiohead' s „There, There“ from 2003. Recorded at Thomann' s home during January 2012: Spread out over sleeping room (Vocals), storeroom (Saxophone), living room (Akkordeon), rehearsal room (Bass, Guitar, Drums), hobby room(Guitar Amp) und children' s room (Central Bridge). Produced by Norbert Bieber, engineered by Jörg Manfredini. Find some samples at Youtube.

April 2012 Brand new bandfoto Verena Prenner & Stefan Weninger
Brand new Bandfoto (follow the link to your left) shot by the uprising Linzenese photographers Verena Prenner & Stefan Weninger.

06. - 08.01.2012 st.andart Recordings
Recording sessions for the new album "st.andart". You find a Preview on youtube
November 2011 The Pilots The Shape of Funk to Come
Working for "The Pilots" - Recorded some saxtracks for their new album "The Shape of Funk to Come". Releasedate will be on March 2012. Details on Facebook.
11.11.2011 11.11am time for a worldsensation moby dicht "the mobile dryshower"
the ultimate shower experience for phobics, warm- and soft showerists - Watch out, Babe!

06.November 2011 new tracks the duochrometone "demo tracks"
ina thomann - akkordeon peter thomann - saxophone & composition pece computer - loops
for all those with special interests - we do it personally. home visits possible. mail to
captain, can you hear me
j' attendrai
the king - a lie

15.Oktober 2011 15.00 p.m.the duochrometone "Tage des offenen Ateliers"
Ina Thomann - akk & Peter Thomann - saxes, loops are guests at Barbara Baumberger' s studio
(Bienengasse 26, Frohsdorfersiedlung).
July 2011 SunFish Video
Making the music for SunFish' s
seaworld video "St. Eustatius"

Spring 2011Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra
Working for Ing. Loop' s new album- have a look at "WabbaDubbu"on Youtube

April 2011 Maria Theresia Schwarz-Mach
Background music for the Website of this artist in fine arts.

Spring 2009 Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra
Working on "Elephant Road", the CD of the extraordinary Jaw Harp Artist
ng. Loop.

2nd May 2008, 8.30pmnoises & voices
live - backstagebar Wr. Neustadt, admission fee 7€ - tickets at
In cooperation with musik aktuell
29th February 2008, 7.30pmCD & DVD Release noises & voices
live - Zentralkino Wr. Neustadt
no admission fee - seats limited - please book at, 0676/7497515 or 02622/82240

In cooperation with musik aktuell
2nd June 2007, 7.30pm
Stadttheater Wr. Neustadt
Premiere of the new programme noises & voices within the scope of the Wr. Neustädter Frühlings, Stadttheater Wr. Neustadt, first time with Ina Thomann on the accordion
14th May 2005, 7.30pm
Stadttheater Wr. Neustadt
Best of zen bewegungen within the scope of the Wr. Neustädter Frühling. A new line up together with Andreas Hanauska (e-bass) and Helmut Wilfinger (tenorsax).
2nd July 2004, 8.30pm "Ciao Toscana" Wiener Neustadt - street party Neunkirchnerstraße Premiere: extract from den new program St. Andart
2003 2 contributions for the anthology "Arbeiterlieder aus dem Industrieviertel", a project of Hannes Winkler "rad & tat" und "gehts buama, geh ma ham"
20th September 2003
Schwechat "Felmayergarten"
Contribution for the Industrieviertelfestival - zen bewegungen
6th September 2003 0.10am Live guest at Christian Bakonyi at the Oe1-Jazznight
18th May 2003, 11.00am
Contribution for the Industrieviertelfestival - zen bewegungen Kottingbrunn, Wasserschloß
13th October 2002 Contribution for the Mostviertelfestival with the new programme "zen bewegungen", a multimedia-project including picture, dance and tone.
2001 Participation at the sampler "Heimat", a project of Wolfgang Pollanz (among others with binder& kriegelstein, roedelius and Clemens Haipl) with "dil, dil, duda".