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Ivo Thomann
Drums, Samples
Ina Thomann
Petra Thomann
Peter Thomann
Saxophone, Composing
Wolfgang Kolck

Musikfabrik NÖ features und supports noises & voices within their program series musik aktuell - neue musik aus noe.

Release of the CD and the live DVD noises & voices. The cd is published by Extraplatte.
The Live Video from the performance at the Town Theatre Wr. Neustadt was made by Valencestudio.

Premiere of the new program "noises & voices"
Soundsamples and pictures-sequences of the different cities between Reykjavik, Waidhofen (an der Ybbs) and Shanghai, found on journeys, are the basis and the background for the live-music of the monochrome tone and dance-performance of punching bones. Contemporary Jazz Noir meets contemporary character dance. The program is dedicated to the last unsolved mysteries of humankind . What cooks Misses Pepi - living in Vienna Floridsdorf - her husband, Mister Pepi, for lunch and why is everything getting harder? Where are the best Tschebureki of the whole world? What's going on in the Peking parks in the mornings? Have in Waidhofen (an der Ybbs) ever been 60 pubs? What whispers the mud-volcano at Reykjavik? Reliefpfeiler? Really even the longest palindrome out of one word of Austria known in the whole world? With the visit of the program you should know the mist important things to take over the world domination. The Vienna VJ Artists valence enrich and design the dance-performance in a new way. Autumn/winter 2007: Release of the new album and live DVD to "noises & voices".
2005 For the first time the artists succeeded in persuade the culture-responsibles of Wiener Neustadt, and participated within the scope of the Wiener Neust”dter Fr¸hling at the Stadttheater. Working-title "best of zen bewegungen".
2002 - 2004 Out of the previous formation "beyond a coloured dream" progresses the successor formation "the monochrome tone", with multimedia action (picture, dance, tone) a.k.a. "punching bones & the monochrome tones". The first programme "zen bewegungen" is live performed at the Mostviertel- (Neulengbach) and the Industrieviertelfestivals (Schwechat, Kottingbrunn, both financed by the province of Lower Austria. Trough visuals of each region, dance and live-music, the expression of each element (air, light, water, earth, fire) will be acted in scenes. Composer and musical director Peter Thomann describes his music as "Jazz Noir", queer riffs, backed with sound-samples and sterile drumbeats, overlaid with intertwined and rhythmically postponed melodies of saxophone, guitar, vocals and accordion. Participation at the sampler "Heimat" (hoanzl), a "folk song sampler" directed by Wolfgang Pollanz (pumpkin records), among others with Clemens Haipel, binder & krieglstein and Peter N. Gruber or "Arbeiterlieder aus dem Industrieviertel" directed by Hannes Winkler.