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May 2012, Extraplatte EX916-2
Splendour and diversity are boundless in god' s own country. Nevertheless - every people cut their own piece out of it and form it to their personal reality. So do we.
Famous Music played by unfamous Musicians.
The recipe: Take one to four well known melodies, written within the twentieth century and stir it up till it develops a fine, humorous flavour. Now add as much rhythms & riffs as you can take. Then cut it into pieces, big enough, so that the musicians will not be able to bear with one bite. Now cook it slowly until it becomes soft, easy and breezy. Before the batter will be too sluggish, add a good bunch of soloing. If you don' t have a solo player at your disposal, just take one or two chorusses of vocal performance. The pasticcio should be ready within four to seven minutes. Eat it as loud as possible!

Soul Full Of Laugh
Straight Knife, Naked Titty
God Bless Me Mild
In A Finn Inn
I Remember April As Time Goes By
Now Ití s Fine, Pink Lizards
To Light A Moon In 3 Colours

Recorded at: Home
Cover Art: Peter Manfredini
Production & Audio Engeneering: Norbert Bieber, Joerg Manfredini
Prelistenings on this site and on: Youtube

Februar 2008, Extraplatte ex716-2
Soundsamples and pictures-sequences of the different cities between Reykjavik, Waidhofen (an der Ybbs) and Shanghai, found on journeys, are the basis and the background for music and visuals. The program is dedicated to the last unsolved mysteries of humankind . What cooks Misses Pepi - living in Vienna Floridsdorf - her husband, Mister Pepi, for lunch and why is everything getting harder? Where are the best Tschebureki of the whole world? What's going on in the Peking parks in the mornings? Have in Waidhofen (an der Ybbs) ever been 60 pubs? What whispers the mud-volcano at Reykjavik? Reliefpfeiler? Really even the longest palindrome out of one word of Austria known in the whole world? The Viennese VJ Artists valence designed the visuals valence.

this frog is king
the king - a lie
reduced to the max
da big pepi
captain, can you hear me?

Cover Art: Hannes Siengalewicz
Production & Audio Engeneering: Alexander Zlamal, Joerg Manfredini
Prelistenings on this site and on: myspace

September 2000, deafjames records 150823-2
Daily banal bizarre-humorescs, placative social-miniatures and calm toned landscapes are significant for this non-daily music. Film-music without a film

Barbecue with Barbie' s Shoe
D' avant les Enfants
A Frame to Fame
Mary is Married
Ms. Barbie ain' t no Barbee
Song' s for the River
Echoes of the Snow Hill Mountain Land (das Schneebergberglandecho)

Cover Art: Peter Manfredini
Produktion & Audio Engeneering: Alexander Zlamal, Joerg Manfredini Recorded at: max.cellar Studio, Felixdorf

August 1994, Austro Mechana 150441-2 (sold out)
Broken up sound-cascades of urban security, balance of ethnic rhythmic, melodic patterns of the new Cool Jazz on the step to riff-culture of Heavy Metal and Funk. cough, cough.

The Vatican can wait
What' s wrong, Pussy?
Betty the Beastblaster
Bury my Heart
Ruzkoj, novo Woskovje
Held der Arbeit
Beyond a Coloured Dream
Prime Time, Lunatic Humatic

Cover Art: Peter Manfredini
Production & Audio Engeneering: Alexander Zlamal
Recorded at: ReNoisl Studios, Wien

Pilots - Gravity, Oh
House of Tigers
Pilot' s debut album with a retro style saxsolo on "Fireworks Drawn"
VOP Records
Saxophonensemble of the Jazzdivision of the Josef Matthias Hauer Conservatory Wiener Neustadt

Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra - "Elephant Road"
Winter 2011 No label
Jaw Harps - Second part. Now with over- and undertone singing. Prelistenings again on: Youtube.

Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra - "Elephant Road"
Spring 2009 No label
Some different type of Jaw Harp playing. Have a look at Youtube.

März 2001, pumpkin Records/hoanzl
Sampler with the track "dil, dil, dula"

Arbeiterlieder aus dem Industrieviertel
Sommer 2002, Verein Industrieviertelmusuem
Sampler with the tracks "geht' s buama" and "rad & tat"

Across the delta - dancing to architecture
Fall 2006,ink/edel
Solo on "Elephant"